My 2018


I'm just gonna straight up say that I'm happy 2018 is here because I feel like 2017 was a shit-tastic year. I don't just mean that personally (it was an okay year for me) but globally. Universally. I just have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people are happy to say "2017, BYE!"

That being said, as the reflective type, I figured there was no better time to think about what will make 2018 better than 2017 than when everyone else is doing it ;) 

Previously, I've made goals and resolutions every January 1. Some of them I accomplished and most of them I didn't. This year, like many others, I'm decided to forgo the traditional "resolution" bandwagon and go into 2018 with a single word to guide my year.

My 2018 word?


2018 is going to be the year that I learn how to be intentional with my life and everything that comes with it. This means being intentional about:

  • Where, when and how I spend money
  • Where I'm spending my time and energy
  • How I'm approaching and treating my creative life (writing, publishing, lettering, etc)
  • Who I'm allowing to stay in my life
  • The food I'm putting into my mouth
  • The attitude and mindset I wake up with every morning
  • Treating my mental illness
  • Recognizing when I need a break 
  • The media I'm consuming
  • The generosity I want to extend to others

There's so much more than just those bullets but you get the point. Rather than try and make specific resolutions, I'm going to try to adhere to this word for the year. Of course, I do have my "goals" (because I'm an obsessive organized planner) but when I thought through them all -- they go hand-in-hand with my word. I love that unity.

I'm not sure what/when things changed, but I realized during the latter part of 2017 that I'd wasted a lot of time/energy/emotional turmoil on things that could have been avoided had I been more intentional about them. I spent too much time working and not enough on self-care and self-compassion. I spent money frivolously. I procrastinated. I let comparisons ruin some of the things I love most. I let my health slide downhill. 

I do not have rose-colored glasses and know that even strong intentions can't defeat this thing we call "shit happens." But I don't have to let the "shit" bother me so much. 

So intention in hand, I'm pretty sure I'm going to kick 2018's ass. Will you?