A gift for my readers

Once upon a time, two friends decided they should write a story together. Not just any story though... this one would bring two of their own characters together to solve a mystery. So they wrote it. And then they thought, “why should this awesomeness be just for us? Why not share it with our readers?”

“Yes, but what if...” the one friend began.

“We gave it to our readers for free?” The other friend finished for her.

They were so in sync when it came to those things. This shared passion led to the mystery you’ll soon learn about below. 

There are 6 clues below and we invite you to join our investigation... 

The Cover!

Wrong Angle.jpg

As you can see, Wrong Angle is a co-written novella by me and my dear friend, Emarld O’Brien this awesome cover is by Adrijus from Rocking Book Covers.

Release Date

March 8th 2018

The Blurb

People don't just disappear.

But there's no other explanation for what happened to Angela Cole. 

After news spreads like wildfire about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the events of that stormy winter night, Madigan Knox recognizes the face of the missing woman on TV as someone from her past. Someone she might be able to help.

Ames Soriano's persistent hunt for a serial killer leads her to South Bend, where the recent disappearance of Angela Cole parallels that of The Winter Killer's victims.

In a town where outsiders are unwelcome and with no one person eager to find the missing woman, Ames and Madigan begin a hunt for the truth and for a potential murderer with the opportunity to strike again. 

Fast-paced and suspenseful, this novella brings readers to a small town full of secrets to find a missing woman no one seems to miss. 

The First Surprise

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The Second Surprise

To celebrate, we are giving away paperback copies of Wrong Angle (unavailable for purchase for the foreseeable future) that include personal behind-the-scenes notes from Emerald and I, just for you. <3

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