My love affair with the book 2k to 10k


You guys... this BOOK. If there's one writing craft book I could recommend whole-heartedly - it's this one. 

Why, Jade? Please tell us why? 

Oh, I've been itching to write this post to tell you exactly why you need to this book. 

“If you’re like pretty much every other author in the world, you became a writer because you had stories you wanted to tell. Those are your stories, and no one can tell them better than you can. So write your stories, and then edit your stories until you have something you can be proud of. Write the stories that excite you, stories you can’t wait to share with the world because they’re just so amazing.”

— Rachel Aaron

Seriously... how can you not read that quote and think "this woman understands me! She knows what's it's like to be a writer!" That's the first thing I loved about reading 2k to 10k... immediately I felt like I was being addressed by someone who had solid evidence to back up her advice and claims. She didn't patronize or make the reader feel like they're stupid for not figuring this out before. 

Despite the title (which kind of makes it seem like a get-rich-quick-scheme type of book) it's NOT advice on how to write a crazy amounts of words to sell thousands of books. And though she does give you advice on how to write 10k words a day - it's not exactly how you're thinking. She doesn't say... DO THIS AND YOU'LL MAGICALLY WRITE 10K A DAY. She's saying how her experiences and advice have helped her get to 10k words a day and that perhaps, if you try to do things the way she did, you too might be able to get 10k words a day. I really respect that. She also mentions how 10k a day is realistic for someone who's writing full time. So really, she's offering a way for you to increase word count no matter what stage of writing you're at regardless of the time you have to write. 

There were so many practical advice tips in here that I wanted to actual put them into practice in an experiment type of way to see how useful they really were. I'll be documenting and posting my experiment in my official "2k to 10k Experiment Series." Be on the lookout!

Check out Rachel's original blog post that inspired her to write the book HERE