The Fascination with Horror

I have always openly admitted how much I love October, Halloween, the horror genre, and generally anything to do with the macabre. Why? I don't know! But I'm not alone. One Google search sent me to thousands (literally, THOUSANDS) of articles about why people are attracted to horror, true crime and documentaries about killers (both those rightly convicted and those not). I found this one to be particularly enlightening and this one, too. 

I've heard from various family members that they think it's "weird" that I'm so fascinated by this topic, especially since it stemmed from such an early age. I remember my father sitting me down when I was younger and we'd watched IT or Chuckie from Child's Play. When I was a young teenager, me and my sisters favorite thing would be when Friday rolled around and my dad came home with a handful of rented scary movies. In High School, I won a speech tournament using serial killers as my topic. You could say that I've been obsessed for a while. 

This love of the dark and disturbing has served me well in several of my novel/short stories - but oddly enough, I haven't ever written straight horror. Possibly for the same reason that I have never written Dystopian (another genre I love to read/watch). I'm intimidated by it. 

But with horror - I'm more scared of what it would say about myself. I imagine that the people involved in thinking up the horrific things that happened in the Saw movies are probably not exactly proud of themselves (well, maybe they are) - I, for one, would be a little embarrassed to admit that my mind is that warped. Possibly, I've never tried to write horror because I don't want to admit that I find pleasure/joy in writing about such dark themes. To be a witness, a voyeur is one thing. To dream it up, create it, write it -- that's something else entirely. 

I think that someday, I'll give writing horror a try. I have a million pieces of inspiration all around me - so why not? 

Would YOU write horror (if you don't already)? Could you? Do you read it?