Cupid and Valentine


The papers call him Cupid. 

The masked man who’s murdered five. 

His specialty is in broken love and he shows no signs of stopping what he does best: killing. 

Diana Carson is determined to find out who Cupid really is with the financial backing from millionaire, Asher Bishop. 

Together, they’ll embark on a journey to find Cupid, but can they do it before they destroy each other? And is the hunt worth the kill?

Oh Ms Wright and Ms Eby, what a wicked book you have written!

~ Robert Williamson

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In the darkness of the shadows, 
a man stalks his prey, 
his bow and arrow aimed at the chests of those that hurt others. 

And in the light, 
there is a woman, 
who craves the truth, but also revels in the darkness. 

Love doesn't make sense. 
It's ugly, bloody, and life-consuming. 
But Cupid has finally found his Valentine - and he'll do anything to keep her.

Jade and Kenya surpassed the Cupid with Valentine. From the cover to the very last word I was seduced, aroused, disturbed, titillated... as I drank every disturbing juicy word... this book is so expertly written by these two ladies.

~ Amazon Customer

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