The papers call him Cupid. 

The masked man who’s murdered five. 

His specialty is in broken love and he shows no signs of stopping what he does best: killing. 

Diana Carson is determined to find out who Cupid really is with the financial backing from millionaire, Asher Bishop. 

Together, they’ll embark on a journey to find Cupid, but can they do it before they destroy each other? And is the hunt worth the kill?

Oh Ms Wright and Ms Eby, what a wicked book you have written!

~ Robert Williamson

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In the darkness of the shadows, 
a man stalks his prey, 
his bow and arrow aimed at the chests of those that hurt others. 

And in the light, 
there is a woman, 
who craves the truth, but also revels in the darkness. 

Love doesn't make sense. 
It's ugly, bloody, and life-consuming. 
But Cupid has finally found his Valentine - and he'll do anything to keep her.

Jade and Kenya surpassed the Cupid with Valentine. From the cover to the very last word I was seduced, aroused, disturbed, titillated... as I drank every disturbing juicy word... this book is so expertly written by these two ladies.

~ Amazon Customer

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