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I grew up reading voraciously. All kinds of books. From Harry Potter to John Grisham to Stephen King. My reading tastes spilled over to my writing life and as such - I also write in a variety of genres. I have something for everyone, so I invite you to check out the variety of books I've written.

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It's kind of my thing. 

I love nothing more than a good book, a hot mug of coffee, and a long writing session.

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Feeling in the mood for a light romance or a feel-good coming of age story? Then I have just the thing for you! Check out the lighter side of my writing.

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It's great to indulge in a dark read every now and again. If you're ready for all the feels  -  check out the dark side of my writing. 

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You don't have to feel alone if you suffer from a mental illness. There are people and resources available to you.