Who am I?

Photo Credit: Anthony Ongaro

Photo Credit: Anthony Ongaro

As a little girl, I fell in love with books and then grew up to write my own.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to connect to others in a deep and profound way, so now I write emotionally charged books and help other writers do the same through Author Accelerator, a book coaching company. 

When I’m not writing or helping other writers, you can find me working toward my Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching Certification or finding memorabilia  for my Harry Potter themed guest room.

I currently live in Minnesota with my husband our small zoo. 

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My favorite social media platform is hands down Instagram. I love being able to share snippets of my life through photos and also become more engaged in different communities. If you love Instagram too, check out my various profiles to learn more!

A conglomeration of my writing, travels, musings and life in general.

I Believe pics of animals makes everyone's day better.

I learned Brush lettering. Now I'm a little bit obsessed.

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As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I’ve spent time fully immersed in the world of Trauma Recovery. As a foundational member of The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching, I’ve helped build, maintain, and create recovery programs for trauma survivors.

My speciality is in coaching family members of offenders as it’s an underserved and ignored population of survivors. I’ve worked very hard to establish my coaching practice and am currently accepting private and group coaching clients.