Short Stories


People don't just disappear.

But there's no other explanation for what happened to Angela Cole. 

After news spreads like wildfire about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the events of that stormy winter night, Madigan Knox recognizes the face of the missing woman on TV as someone from her past. Someone she might be able to help.

Ames Soriano's persistent hunt for a serial killer leads her to South Bend, where the recent disappearance of Angela Cole parallels that of The Winter Killer's victims.

In a town where outsiders are unwelcome and with no one person eager to find the missing woman, Ames and Madigan begin a hunt for the truth and for a potential murderer with the opportunity to strike again. 

Fast-paced and suspenseful, this novella brings readers to a small town full of secrets to find a missing woman no one seems to miss. 

A collaboration between Jade Eby and Emerald O'Brien that holds your interest and keeps you guessing.

~ Merry C.

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That weekend

Two strangers. One passionate weekend they never planned to have. 

Ten years spent apart. 

What happens when the one person you lost becomes found?

A quick romantic read that warmed my heart.

~ Terri L.

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Jamie is one bad date away from becoming the crazy cat lady.

She knows it. Her best friend knows it. Even the old ladies at the local library she works at know it.

In an attempt to regain some of her past youth - she hits the bar scene to see what she's missing. Only problem? 

Jamie does really stupid things when she's drunk. Like hitting on her gay boss.

Crazy cat lady, coming right up.

*This is a short story* 

Awesome short story by a talented author. The story had me grinning often, and pulling for Jamie as she navigated her way through the dating world. Cute cover, and fun, fast paced story.

~ Emerald O'Brien, Author of the Knox and Sheppard Series

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Such Small Things

A collection of short stories featuring my most popular short stories.

You know how some people say big things come in small packages? That’s exactly what Jade delivers in her short stories.

~ Audrey Carlan, NYT Bestselling Author